Your Strongest Motivator: The Why

So what prevents us from starting on our passion? If you’ve already started and feeling fatigue, what keeps you going? Many people look forward and think HOW can I do this? The real motivation, however, is asking ourselves why…and having an answer.

  • Why is that passion what you want?
  • What was your lightbulb moment like?
  • How do you convince yourself that today isn’t the day to start?

Ah that last one got you there didn’t it!? 

That last question is deliberate (yeah, duh Lea) but seriously it’s there to get your thinking about the belief that’s keeping you stuck, wherever you are in starting your business.

There is so much energy that wants to keep you doing something you are truly comfortable with. After all it’s in our nature to feel comfort and feel financially/socially/romantically/adventurously secure. That voice that talks to you can also keep you from creating, from pursuing your passion. Even when you try to drown out the voice, you aren’t really succeeding. Knowing your answer is inside you and ignoring it means no action, you keep moving along.

You’re in passion purgatory.

So here’s where why fits in. Think about what you love to do. Really think about what gives you the deepest soulful satisfaction.

Now write down…

WHY DOES THIS MATTER TO ME? (caps optional)

Set the timer and write  TEN minutes using EVERY sense to describe what doing what you love makes you feel, and WHY you believe it to feel so good.

  • How does your love make you feel?
  • Do you have more than one thing that gives you the passion light bulbs?
  • How would it look to be doing that thing you love? 
  • What would you hear, smell, see, touch?

Once you’ve finished this, post it in a spot where you need to be reminded of the why. When you think back to the stuck feelings, remember why you want this.