You say entitled like it's a bad thing

I used to hate the word entitled, when I heard it I immediately felt a shame storm for whoever it was directed towards… to me it meant nothing was done to earn the reward, recognition, praise, etc.

What I learned growing up was how amazing entitlement is now- I actually strive for it.

But... what if entitlement is what we are ALL striving for?

The same people who told me to hate the word, perhaps never realized how powerful entitlement is in actually receiving what you truly desire in the world.

The law of attraction is built upon the premise that when you vibrationally align yourself to what you want, it flows to you. If you want to get ahead and up the ladder, picture yourself already there- this aligns directly with entitlement, the universe will only give you what you align to and say, "I am entitled to receiving this".

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso spoke about entitlement in her own nontraditional path in her career “my entitlement came about with an understanding that it was me that was going to put me where I wanted to be.”

To deserve or not to deserve?

Now there are conditions to be met in order to align yourself to this- for example, getting a promotion is immensely challenging if you haven’t done the work to entitle yourself to it. If the promotion entails fluency and management over a particular set of work- aligning yourself to the work will put you at the top of the entitled chain!

It isn’t just at work where entitlement is thrown around, it’s very rampant in our personal lives as a mechanism for placing shame on someone else. What we truly despise when we use that word without proof, if that we are jealous of someone else who may have the skills, desire, work ethic to get what we believe we don’t deserve.

Even millennial super TV icons like Mindy Kaling are jumping on the entitlement train offering this quotable: "Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled."

At our core, our country has shaped generations of us to feel entitled at one point or another. Though the baby boomers toot their own horns for being loyal, they are quick to enact their entitlements, whether constitutional or morally driven.

The Pop Culture Phenomenon

What’s fascinating is how rebellious the notion of entitlement is, and how our culture is IN LOVE with people who take on things while “appearing” to be entitled. Now I’m not in their shoes to know how entitled they actually are- but it’s clear, the audience, us, LOVE when confidence and entitlement come together.

Maybe it’s time to find a new word for those who haven’t done the work, put themselves out there, failed, grown, found their passion, because the way I see it, entitled isn’t such a bad word after all.