Career your Yoga Pants

In today’s world, having the confidence to handle projects, manage people, resolve disputes requires much more than holding your hands above your head in a powerful posture (I’m not hating on that by any means, I do it often!). Building long term confidence to take on your day takes more than feeding yourself with positive thoughts. There is one aspect of our careers that comes up a lot, and it can mean the difference between a better job, higher pay, passion, and ultimately happiness, and that’s confidence.

This confidence is about how we continuously cultivate a powerful internal posture- not just the type of power that’s stereotypical for a man, but the type of ease and flow that feminine power that can create the outcomes we really want. One overlooked confidence booster is the link to physical exercise and how that can directly impact your work performance in the long run.

People acknowledge that the benefits of being healthy are numerous- but is there a connection between how we treat our bodies and our career/business success? Science says yes. Harvard Business Review wrote that our performance and management skills improve when we have time when we get in physical exercise.

Research talks about physical exercise enhancing brain functioning and how well you can focus on tasks, prioritize and remain sharp during the sometimes grinding workday, but many don’t realize how important self esteem is with confidence in your work. The type of confidence that allows you to go after more opportunities, and navigate the uncertain waters with more ease.

This is where physical exercise comes in- it’s one of the only times when we have the ability to connect with ourselves, with our humanity, and with the present. Physical exercise is also the main avenue to building your physical resilience to the demands of work. Building up your confidence is much easier when you feel physically strong. When I began coaching, I challenged a client to complete a 60 day exercise program to help her gain courage to speak up to her boss more often, and it worked. Not because she needed to get in shape necessarily, but doing resistance training and cardio gave her to grounding posture she needed to speak up.

It’s no surprise that women make up a majority of College attendees. They also tend to build their knowledge of subjects in greater detail before they present or speak up. Whether you’re proposing a new project, asking for a raise, or just trying to speak up in the weekly team meeting, many tend to shy from speaking up especially in the beginnings of their careers because of the lack of information they could have at the time of the conversation. This is a great use case for why confidence matters- and gives women the internal push they need to speak up and say what they are thinking.

If you’ve found yourself shying away from creating a consistent workout routine, try looking at it with new eyes. It isn’t just about getting fit, though it does give you a lot of great compliments, It’s also about slaying your career goals. You miss the shots you don’t take, and if exercise gives you the brain functioning power you need to kill your current projects, allow your stronger core and body to also help you find new challenges that you may not have felt confident in asking for previously. Having physical strength to hold yourself in the agonizing wheel-y chairs can prove more than just useful for relieving back pain, it can actually spur your creativity- and increase your confidence in producing new results and helping to move the needle in your career or business.

To your confidence,