{Guest Blog} My Journey to Alignment

I always thought following one path would mean finding my “forever happiness”. For me, it began when I was in College, in Michigan, when I decided to intern for over a year with my State Representative. As luck would have it- they promoted me to District Manager before I graduated. I knew my position was temporary because my Rep was terming out in the Fall which was perfect timing, because I knew that my move to Washington D.C was just on the horizon. I had dreamed of living in D.C throughout my entire collegiate career. I always felt so drawn and connected to the Nation’s Capital.

When I moved to D.C, I felt like it was finally time to see my career goals unfold the way I had always hoped. I saw this unfolding by landing the perfect position at a renowned organization, finding a solid core group of friends, and of course successfully juggling both a professional and social life simultaneously! Needless to say my plan didn’t unfold exactly how I envisioned.

I ended up finding an internship with a really great company that lasted 3 months before I moved on to my current position as admissions counselor at a prestigious all women’s serving institution. After two months of working within my role I began to feel this agitating angst. I was not being fulfilled by my work. Although it was meaningful to some degree, it was not serving my passion.  My frame started to shift and I began to wonder if I made the right choice by moving to Washington D.C.

I began to search for ways in which I could find and serve passion. I didn’t at the time fully understand what that meant. Around the same time, a really close friend of mine started a blog. I read a few of her posts and was really intrigued by the confidence she exuded. There was a shift in her voice that was evident, and I was so curious about what had ignited her passion.  I asked her one day what had changed.  She told me that she had enlisted the help of a life coach. She explained how the life coach helped her to find her strength to be the passionate woman she had always envisioned. Right then and there- I realized that I was seeking the same strength to be able to live my own passion.

I found my strength in redefining my purpose and learning to live through it. I was guided and challenged by my very own life coach Lea Berry. The first step I learned was that I needed to get out of my own head- and connect with my higher self. Connecting to my higher self helped me understand what my purpose truly is. I’m so proud to know that my higher self surrenders to all possibilities of growth, and lives wholly in my truth. This experience was a big challenge. I leveled up to think, act and behave in a way that constantly served my higher self.  

Negativity, self-doubt and that little voice that served as a constant reminder of what I couldn’t do before were all silenced. As this shift began to occur the universe started to open with possibilities- it felt like by understanding what I really wanted to do allowed the universe to start handing it to me.

I am driven by faith, and I believe that God doesn’t allow you to go to the next level until you are prepared to do so. As I aligned to my purpose, opportunities sprang forth. One opportunity after another began to be introduced and it was so invigorating! I received a scholarship to attend the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women Leadership Summit. Throughout the course of the conference I was surrounded by such innovative and powerful women. My passion was rekindled and I was certain that I was in alignment with my purpose. My network began to flourish within the weeks to come I made several connections with women in the Mayors Office on Women’s Policy and Initiative, NARAL, and WIIN. I chaired an Equal Pay Day event with the organization WIN that helped women gain insight on how to negotiate their salaries.

Aligning with my purpose has allowed me to “level up” and gain an understanding of what I want and need from my career in order to be fulfilled. I also have such a renewed sense of self and confidence that I feel entirely unstoppable!

-Giovanteey Bishop