Is Job Hunting sapping your soul?

It’s time for a change. The big epiphany where you allow yourself to look past your current job and actively look for a new one. Whether it’s been a couple of days or even 2+ years of searching, job hunting can be exhausting. The process, etiquette, to- do lists and follow up can feel like a whole other job after you’ve clocked out of your current job. The drain can have a big impact on your career success, and I’ve compiled a list of common mistakes I see people doing that keep them feeling drained during the process.

Going through your job search alone: So many times when we decide to change our jobs it becomes this big internal secret and battle. Choosing and searching is a solo activity. For something so big, it’s ironic to do it all alone. We don’t choose many things in our lives totally solo, we band with others who have gone through similar circumstances and lean on or receive advice on where and how to move forward. When it comes to your job search don’t get caught in the trap of isolating yourself. Find groups of people who are also job hunting, talk to friends when the search gets challenging or difficult. For some, the job search can take years to find the right fit, so don’t let yourself feel alone for that long, try the marathon approach and get a team to help you out and keep you motivated!

Not clear on what you’re looking for - If you’re doing a general search for terms pertaining to a job, you are asking for disappointment. The best jobs that are out there for you are going to be hard to find. Using a general search will yield a lot of options, but it won’t satisfy what you’re really after. For more clarity around what you want next, try asking yourself a couple of questions on your strengths to help build a list of what you really want to do next.

You feel shame or embarrassment when they don’t call you - When you have a great interview and they say “We’ll call you!” and they never do. I wish this wasn’t so pervasive, but unfortunately it is. What it isn’t, however, is a reflection of you and your professionalism. As long as you are preparing for interviews, sending follow up notes, and following the rules, learn to accept that some companies don’t call because they aren’t organized or respectful enough to call back - it’s no reflection on you.

Not growing or learning during the process - If you’re a marathon job hunter (aka looking for over 1 year) it’s easy to feel that the last year has been disheartening. Looking and looking while you’re in a job where there’s no growth is tough - and it’s up to you to make the best of it. Find trainings online or in person that you can take to keep your skills fresh (linked to skills you need before 30). I know a few groups that meet up to talk about professional development, and even include fun events with speakers and networking to help you sharpen your skills.

Even though it’s easy to let the search drain you, there are a lot of ways to continue building your skills and filling in any “gaps” you may experience. If you’re tired of putting together resume after resume and applying to job boards, then TAKE A BREAK. Try a different strategy for a week or two and then come back to online applications. There isn’t one way to job hunt, it takes a mix of strategies to finally catch the right fish in the ocean.

Do you have a job hunting energy booster to share? Comment below or share with me on instagram: @leaberrycoaching.