5 Trainings you need before 30

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At any point in our career we can feel stagnant, irrelevant, outdated. This seems to happen a lot more these days with new technology changing everything from the environment we work in to the tasks we perform. Even when we know our own unique brilliance, it can be hard to keep motivated and feeling like you’re on top of your game. I’ve compiled 5 essential trainings to help you get ready for your career in your 30’s.

1. Time Management: It may seem like a no brainer, but many people forget how important structure and discipline are in getting the work done right. It’s easy to let our emotions guide how our day will go, and wait until the deadline approaches to get into gear and complete the task at hand. As you grow in your career, responsibilities will continue to grow - allow yourself to have the structure and tools you need to prioritize, complete, and quality check your work so you know what you’re handing in will be A-ok with the boss.

2. Leadership: This hot topic can apply to any level of position, which makes it even more attractive to young professionals. There are a couple of key concepts when you learn about leadership that can help you in your everyday work: styles of leading in a team, conflict resolution, and motivating a growth culture. Leadership is more than experience, it’s also a set of skills that are learned over and over, and practiced in every job you’ll have - get started now and you’ll be ahead of the game come time to move into upper management.

3. Networking: At any level, in any industry, with any amount of experience, we all rely on networking to help us get answers, resources, jobs, tool, and advice on all of our life projects. Seeking formal training to help you become a better networker can help you leaps and bounds when it comes to your current job and the one you’re working towards. 1. It helps you get really good at your job by knowing who you work with and understanding that things get done in the workplace by knowing who to turn to and being on their good side. 2. When you’re ready to look for another job or a new opportunity (hello side hustlers!) networking is a great tool to help you continue helping others through your passion, and this skill can’t be practiced enough. I have clients who are in their 50’s asking for this training, so don’t underestimate how much you can learn, practice, and master to become a pro.

4. Branding: Much like a company creates a logo and makes you feel a certain way when you see their advertisements, the same goes for our own personal brands. It takes less than 9 seconds for someone you meet to know if they want to continue talking with you - and without a proper statement it is nearly impossible to keep the right people engaged in conversation with you. You can use a brand both in person, and carry this onto your social media platforms to give you an edge when you are job seeking or looking for new clients. Branding should contain your passion area, your motivations, and a catchy statement to boot.

5. Communication: Although general, communication training is your ability to present information to a small or large group of people that is effective, gets your point across, and influences an outcome. Whether you’re in communications or not, understanding how to carry your message to other people is essential. Leading a meeting or discussion can feel daunting, even if you are an entry level position. With these skills, the boss will be passing you the “mic” to lead meetings in no time and considering you for more projects asap.

There you have it, my 5 top development trainings to complete by your 30’s. There are TONS more trainings out there, so don’t think this is the ONLY list to get you where you want to go - what have you found helpful in your career? Share below in the comments or tag me on instagram @leaberrycoaching.