Your Job Search Re-Inspired

Feeling Bummed about your Job Search? READ THIS.

Like any beginning to a new and exciting path, looking for a job is the action we take when we desire something new in our lives. Whether you disliked the culture, people, work, location, boss- searching for a new job gives you the opportunity to change the story and start again. If you are in a job you don’t like and job searching, the pressure to move may seem less daunting, and being picky is easier. If you’ve quit your job and are searching, there is a lot of temptation to pick the first opportunity that comes your way. One thing is completely common AND normal even for the seasoned job hunter, and that’s the feeling of discouragement.

It happens when you’re searching, applying, networking, building your brand, practicing your pitch, perfecting the right words to say when asked by a recruiter, and you still don’t have the job offer in hand.

It HAPPENS. And It happens A LOT to MANY PEOPLE!

I can’t stress that enough (clearly!)

Here are my recommendations for how to motivate yourself and re-ignite your search for your next happy job:

Friendliness and Curiosity

During an empty job search, it can feel like you are alone, the only one struggling, and somehow you are separate from other people or wrong, shameful, not good enough, etc.

That’s not true. (No buts or exceptions..)

  1. There is no “one path” to getting a job, there are twists, turns, bumps and freeways that can occur at any moment.

  2. Your difficulty is a GOLD mine- You are, in real time, teaching, learning, adapting, and growing stronger and more viable and ready for the job EVERY minute. Persevering through a dry spell makes you ready for when the offers come knockin’.

  3. Opening your mind beyond your limits- You are so much more than you realize- and you are BETTER and more than your current situation. It takes ONE moment for your perspective to change, you can choose to be happy now- it makes the job search a lot more fun and rewarding!

  4. Remember your priorities- If you are putting in the work to find your ideal job, remember that if you hear back from a job and it is totally NOT what you want to do- think back to why you are searching in the first place. Will you be quitting in a year because you hate this job and repeating the same cycle?

  5. The path of success means sticking with your uncertainty- this is your only certainty, your biggest teacher, and it’s learning to relax in chaos, learning not to panic from a place of compassion, and avoiding the bitter resentment (who likes working with those people, not you I’m sure!).

You are working so hard to make sure you have the job that will get you excited to get up in the morning, pay the bills, allow you to travel and enjoy your life from a place of purpose. Honor this search by intentionally reminding yourself of compassion, learning, and going beyond your limits. New Ideas, perspectives, people, and ultimately job opportunities come to you when you are in this state of mind to receive it!

How have you bounced back more motivated than ever? Share your thoughts with me in the Passion & Purpose Tribe!