Hello there gorgeous!

Writing this note to you has taken me a while.


I started out a lot like you...constantly stressed out balancing a demanding career, networking events, social media, my health and traveling...phew right?

I have been a hard worker since the very beginning. My first job? Got it by networking constantly until I was hired to support cultural affairs for the British Government. Think Queen's Birthday, Royal Wedding, tweeting in an SUV with a minister sitting behind you. That was a pretty cool job! But it didn't satisfy what I was after...

I moved to Washington DC in 2012- and it was not a glamorous transition. In fact, it was the hardest personal change for both me and my boyfriend. I didn't do well for the first year with a challenging job in government affairs. 

I noticed a natural talent in strategic advisory work and was promoted less than a year into the job. I managed up with ease and delivered consistently for executives, and that became a daily demand once they noticed what I was capable of.  

I had sponsors and supporters left and right, a fantastic reputation at my organization, and yet suffered from the highest anxiety and panic attacks I had ever experienced. 

I hit the wall at the end of 2013 when my parents decided to get a divorce. A not so cordial one. The anxiety and stress got worse, I lost weight out of guilt and stress and felt so miserable I didn't want to see my friends or family.

I felt shame for seeing my "perfect" family rip at the seams.

When I sat in the courtroom during their divorce and watched the judge hit his gavel something clicked inside me.

I felt freedom. My parents aren't perfect. I'm not either. Why am I pushing through something I'm not happy with? Eventually, when you ignore something inside yourself, it affects everything around you- and eventually it shows up in a dramatic way.

It's almost like it's saying "HEY HERE I AM, ARE YOU LISTENING YET?!"

I answered it. "Yes, I'm really listening now". Not with my head though, but with my heart.

I needed to create my happiness. I wanted to pursue my dream.

I knew my calling was to develop myself as a leader and help others do the same. That was always my deepest passion. I received sponsorship to become a life coach, quit my job, and became a consultant + coach. I joined a big firm with tons of new opportunities, and with a culture of high performance and high results. This time, I vowed to myself, I'm NOT doing what doesn't serve me anymore.

Since creating this unique life for myself- I haven't looked back. I embraced my core philosophy- be free to do what you want. From that point I was totally engaged in moving forward. That's the type of energy I bring to everyone in my life.

Since launching a coaching business, there have been a TON of struggles. Yet, my health has improved dramatically, and the anxiety I felt only comes around once in awhile. For that, I feel open gratitude and love for the insight that coaching provided me during my darkest days. 

I stand with myself and you: It is YOUR time to write your story in your own handwriting.

You deserve to feel joy about your career and relationships. You CAN experience joy with the deep inner work that coaching provides you. 


Fun facts about me!

  • I've lost 130lbs
  • I am a certified Scuba diver and swim with sharks every now and then
  • I ride a 2005 Harley Sportster
  • I traveled to Dubai, UAE and rode a Camel
  • I married my husband in April 2016
  • I grew up in Connecticut
  • I've planned a party on a battleship