Create a life that feels as great as it looks.


Are you feeling like:

No matter how hard you work, you can't seem to shake the feeling that you are meant to do something else, but feel overwhelmed on what it is and where to start

You crave the support of someone who has felt exactly like you, experienced the desires you do, and you know you don't want to go on this journey alone

You're nervous to invest in a total career change before really identifying what makes sense for your career, finances, and future plans (and perhaps still trying to save beyond your paycheck)

I remember scrolling through my news feed a few years ago while eating lunch at my desk seeing all of these amazing women starting businesses and traveling the world. I was green with envy for a quite a long time. I thought to myself...great they did it, but it's not possible while I'm stuck at my cubicle. 

I suffered from exhaustion pulling long hours at work without the ability to move up, my parents announced they were getting a (nasty) divorce, and my doctor told me I had high blood pressure. I went home that night, drank my glass of Pino, cried, and finally admitted I wanted to give my life a second try. I hired my first life coach that next day.

What did I learn?

Power is always inside you. I already had the dream, the ambition, the power, the know how to make the changes I needed, but I couldn't get there without the support. If you want to create a life that you love, you need to be committed to yourself, and make it a reality.

You are...

Totally CLEAR about what makes you light up, how you want to express that and with who

Truly CONFIDENT as a thought leader walking the talk and doing what lights you up

Consistently GROWING yourself, your interests, career, and showing love to those who love and support you

Finally EARNING what you deserve to support the lifestyle you desire (more freedom anyone?)

So what will you have by the end of our time together?

A dramatic improvement in your happiness level. Seriously. Dramatic.

Customized plans to move your forward with your passion- whether it's a business or for pure enjoyment.

Clarity on your own unique personal brand + how to begin living with that glitter

Precise vision on what you need to continue fueling yourself and your dreams

Useful resources I've collected over the last decade both in professional and personal development trainings

Your own tribe of other passion seekers who want to celebrate you + your success

motivation (3).png
motivation (4).png

Excited, curious, intrigued, ready, or questioning what your experience would be with me? 
I invite you to schedule a call to talk more about coaching, answer your questions, and make sure it's a good fit for us both!

How often do we meet/talk?
The number varies depending on the package you select, your sessions will be 45 minutes each  

Can you help me start my business?
If you are ready and committed to moving forward, then yes!

What if I try this and it doesn't feel like a good fit?
This has yet to happen to me, but I get it though- if you don't see results within the first 14 days, or feel like this isn't for you, notify me by email and I'll refund you your whole payment.

What prerequisites do you consider before deciding to work with me?
LOVE of learning, excitement, and the commitment to see yourself grow.

How did you know you wanted to become a coach?
I used the same approach that I use with my clients, you can read about that in the My Story section.