Michelle P. Boston, MA
Graduate Student

Working with Lea completely turned my life upside-down, in the best way. I have always been independent and goal-oriented, but after reaching a point of serious stagnation and frustration with my professional life, I reached out in a moment of desperation. It was the best thing I could have possibly done. Within a year of having my first session with Lea, I moved into my dream sector, and am about to attend a world-renown graduate program to further specialize in my chosen field. Lea held my accountable to my goals, using gentle guidance coupled with tough questions when I set up my own roadblocks. While she understood my anxiety and apprehension from her own personal experiences, she didn't let me retreat into fear. Lea made me brave enough to take steps I had only fantasized about. I have recommended Lea's coaching practice countless times, and know she's a phone call away for whatever life brings.

Jessica L. Washington, DC
Life Coach

From the first moment I met her, Lea challenged me right back with a few spot on coaching questions about how I was being in the situation I was discussing with her. Her creative mine + commitment to living the life + love YOU desire have allowed me to go deep on more than one occasion. I know she listens deeply to my truth AND challenges me to step into my greatness, as a colleague + friend.

Marissa M. Washington, DC
Telecommunications + Government Relations

Lea is wonderful! Lea offered me great real world advice like researching salary data so I would have the knowledge of what my requirements are before interviewing for a particular job. Since she knew the company I was looking at so well it was great to hear the her explain the structure of the organization and the work they do. I feel more confident than ever to take the next step professionally. One great thing about Lea is the comfort you feel in discussing these topics. She is an easy person to connect with so one wouldn't feel embarrassed or shy to ask basic questions. At the same time her professionalism is a kind reminder that she has years of experience. 

Danielle M. Washington, DC

Lea certainly goes above and beyond to provide support and availability. After briefly meeting, Lea instantly connected with me to find out more about me, my passions, and aspirations. She took the time out of her busy schedule to find out how I was doing - even the week before her own wedding! Lea is dedicated to helping others and worked through challenges with me as a friend and mentor who I felt very comfortable with. 

Kara O. Washington, DC

I was skeptical about coaching, in the beginning. As a lawyer, coming from a family of lawyers, I was raised to think that I could analyze / think my way through almost anything. As I found myself increasingly unhappy with what I was doing / feeling / being, I realized that maybe -- just maybe -- I could use some help. Lea was a complete blessing. Her compassion is both boundless and infectious. She has the ability to simultaneously 'hold space,' allowing for things to be as they are, while still encouraging moving towards one's goals. Lea is wonderful! 

Dara S. Boston, MA
Lawyer + Entrepreneur

I worked with Lea recently to evaluate whether or not to take a leap and start my own business. She helped me think through the entire project beyond pros and cons. We explored my readiness as well as thinking through the impacts my decision would have  on my long and short term goals. I would highly recommend Lea to anyone who needs a truthful response and holistic view to a dilemma or goal they are facing or looking to achieve. She really understands people and is a fantastic listener.

Amanda C. Norwalk, CT
Social Media + Branding Consultant

Lea is a wonderful source of inspiration in our conversations. She helped me grow and change my career with her guidance and objective input and most importantly helped me follow through on what I set out to do. I trust Lea implicitly as a force for change and a coach. She has wonderful leadership skills and has been able to help me along the entire journey to my new career.

Sabrina L. Lancaster, PA
Accounting Manager

My experience with Lea was powerful and extremely insightful...I needed help navigating my career challenges, and she heard not only what I said...but what I wasn't saying! She provided wonderful possibilities for me. I received a much better perspective of how to approach my career, and her encouraging words and powerful advice helped me move forward with wonderful clarity and confidence in my decisions.