Hello & welcome! I am a certified professional Life and Career Coach, but you may wonder how I got into this work.

Having started in a traditional job after traditional schooling, I was heading down a path of working in international relations.

I did all of the right things to get there - built my brand, networked like crazy, and never stopped growing intellectually.

When I found myself increasingly unhappy with my job, I went soul searching (from my cubicle). 

I had never felt like I "fit in" at work. My personality was different from the others, and I tended to rebel when told what to do. Rather than continue to fight my urges, I decided to hire a coach to explore whether a new career path was necessary.

Five years later and I've since launched my own business committed to helping millennials find their career calling and successfully navigate the job market. Using the tools I've developed in my own search, I've helped both women & men navigate career changes in a variety of different industries. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and if we have a chance to connect on the phone, you'll understand why. Your career challenge is what calls me to serve - I can't wait to jump into the trickiest problems and help you step into the professional you are meant to be.